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About Cyberwage?

Cyberwage is a Latvian Based Tech-Startup specializing in Online Marketing using Social Media e.g Facebook and Affiliate Networks.Users can earn between $150 to $1200 WEEKLY by spending 15-30 minutes daily on Cyberwage's online portal. We are the Only PTC website with a Mobile App for Android and IOS phones Allowing Our users to earn easily from their Mobile Phones.

Given that we only work for results, our fundamental objective is to create a win-win-win relationship between advertisers-network-earners using different advertising formats:PTC(paid-to-click), Facebook Likes and Youtube Ads.. Start Your ONLINE SIDE HUSTLE today, Its Free.

Earning or Advertising via PTC Websites like Cyberwage

PTC websites are called Paid to Click websites where you Earn some money whenever you watch ads or do some task on your web browser. PTC websites act as middlemen between advertisers and consumers, the advertiser pays for displaying ads on the PTC website, and a part of this payment goes to the viewer when he/she views the advertisement. There are many websites in the internet but Cyberwage is one of best PTC websites to work with guaranteed Daily and Weekly Payments.

The PTC (paid to click)jobs are easy to start since they do not require any special skills and any person with basic computer knowledge can earn while doing PTC as a side hustle.From College Students to House wife’s and anyone interested in doing online part time jobs to make money online anywhere.

Make Money from online PTC Jobs

If you are looking for Free, Legit & Simple Part time Online Jobs that can earn you few Dollars every week, Cyberwage is the best place to start with Online Jobs. There is no need for experience, qualification or any other technology to start in Cyberwage. Many people who are searching for online Jobs internationally, part-time or full-time should try cyberwage. The easiest way to become financially Independent is to become an online Freelancer. Students and professionals are looking to work during their free time.

So Cyberwage collects advertisements and other online tasks from our affiliate networks and then offers our members income through the cyberwage online jobs platform. You can comfortably Make money online through Cyberwage Online Jobs Platform by completing various online tasks. You can earn between $150 to $1200 WEEKLY by spending 15-30 minutes daily on Cyberwage's PTC (paid to click) campaigns. If you wish to increase your income you can employ a wagemate to work for you and increase your earnings since this earns you commission for every click/task they complete.

Our Features

Facebook Likes

Earn $0.2 per like


Earn$0.2 per click

Daily Jackpot

Win upto $1000 per day

Weekly Jackpot

Win upto $50000/week

Paid Surveys

Earn $20 per survey

Paid Youtube Ads

Earn $0.2 per 10seconds

Paid Netflix Ads

Earn $0.2 per 10seconds

Refferal Earnings

Earn $0.05 per click made by refferal

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